Cradle of Liberty Council Headquarters Building

Around May 31, 2007, in an unannounced vote, the Philadelphia City Council voted 16-1 on a bill introduced by Darrell L. Clarke to permit the eviction and terminate the 1928 lease by which the council was allowed the use of the building "in perpetuity." This came despite the fact that the building itself was built and paid for by the Scouts, and given to the city with the understanding that the Scouts would be allowed to remain in it "in perpetuity." Because of this decision, as of July 24, 2007, the council must pay $200,000 fair market rent or leave the building.

Barring a resolution, the Cradle of Liberty Council must vacate the property at 22d and Winter Streets after May 31, 2008. Philadelphia is set to become the largest city in the nation without its own council office, and the local gay community, led by Perry, insists that the council can still change its policy.

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