Emblem of the Month - Centennial Quality Unit Awards

The Centennial Quality Awards program is designed to recognize units, districts, councils, areas, and regions in achieving excellence in providing a quality program to a growing youth population in America at all levels of the Boy Scouts of America.

The emblem is worn on the right sleeve of the official uniform. The top of the award should be placed 4" below the top of the American flag. Only the Quality Unit Award for the current year may be worn on the uniform.

Qualifying packs receive a ribbon for display on their Pack's flagpole.
Between October 31 and December 31 of each year, a “Centennial Quality Achievement form” is completed and signed by the unit and district leadership, usually a commissioner, after they meet to review their achievements for the calendar year compared to the goals they established at the beginning of the year.
The achievement form to be completed will help each unit and the district leadership to:
• Evaluate where the unit is on accomplishing the goals established for each criterion.
• The meeting will allow the district leadership to meet with the unit leadership before year-end.
• If the unit has not yet accomplished all of their goals, they will have time to develop an action plan to achieve the award before year-end.

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